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Creating the Next Net, Right Before Your Eyes ™


We Know How, We Know Why & We Make it Easy:

ARC is dedicated to creating magical, meaningful experiences for businesses of all sizes around the world.  In a sea of visual wonder, ARc stands apart.   Where most development firms are busy on “how” to make dazzling AR apps, very few step back and get to the “WHY” you are using AR to change your business.   (hint, if it’s just to get attention, you’re missing the point.

At Augmented Reality Co, we have a clear vision of what’s possible, and begin witha result and work backwards.   We make you and your business smarter, faster and more effective in reaching, analyzing and retaining your customers.   We know how to leverage both the short term utility and long term impact of AR to grow your business.   Our fully accountable, fully trackable back end can show you exactly what’s working and why.

Our strategic guidance with regards to AR is without equal.  We can guide you through the hype, challenges, technologies and find new business models to try & prepare you for what’s coming…the emergence of the next net, right before our eyes

Our ability to create both desktop and mobile solutions (for iPhone, iPad, Android) with the right tools and combination of technology guarantees the best result in the shortest time and greatest impact to your business.

Our talented group of experts specializes in cutting edge:

  • Augmented Reality Desktop Application Development
  • Augmented Reality Mobile Application Development
  • Augmented Reality Advertising
  • Augmented Reality Instruction and Training Applications
  • 3D & Animated AR Objects and Models

Augmented Reality Co – Changing the way you look at the world ™

Services What We Do

AR Content and Campaigns

Utilizing the latest in markerless motion capture and tracking, we create memorable, results oriented campaigns that produce real bottom line impact to your business.  Advertising, Gaming, and Commercial Applications of AR live and breathe by the lack of friction to access, ease of use, entertainment value and sustained utility of the Augmented Experience.

  • We create effective campaigns that engage, entertain and inform
  • We specialize in AR Games and Real World Experiences
  • We know how to weave mixed media with AR for a viral result
  • We can help you achieve sustained use through real utility and dynamic payoffs for returning clients

AR Data Capture and Modeling

Our team of expert modelers can take products to fully animated “AR Ready” 3D objects in record time. We achieve next level results through superior design and attention to detail, and are dedicated to elevating the art and science of AR content modeling.   Beyond the models, our extended team of experts does world class animation and interaction work that makes the difference between huh, and wow!

  • Augmented Reality Character Modeling
  • Augmented Reality Object Modeling
  • Augmented Reality Content Catalogs and Linking


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  • Offices: Scottsdale, Los Angeles, San Francisco
  • Phone: +1 602.570.4040
  • Email: info@augmentedrealitycompany.com